I started in the technology field while young, personalizing my own computers and repairing consumer electronics. My knowledge is diversified, encompassing how hardware and software works together to create different systems.

Developing algorithms is my favorite part of this, what leads into my interest in AI. Now I am exploring the power of Python and open source libraries as TensorFlow and PyTorch. Deep learning is being applied to almost all emerging technologies, this is definitely creating a new revolution and I want to be an architect of it.


I believe is our natural instinct to grow constantly, each individual has to evolve in order to advance as species. This is what makes me get out of the comfort zone, I enjoy learning new things and developing projects that I don’t have experience with. Most often I would be taking some new courses and working towards a projects to put those knowledge in practice.

As of my hobbies, I love biking, trekking and playing team sports. I like socializing at terraces and exploring new areas. I am a funny and creative guy willing to have interesting conversations.

Let’s build something together

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